School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens

1. Course ECTS
    1st Year
    2nd Year
    3rd Year
    4th Year
    5th Year

2. Course Guide

3rd Year

5th Semester

Courses Hours/ Week (ECTS)
Applied Fluid Mechanics 4
Statistics and Measurement in Engineering 4+2
Thermal Energy Conversion in Power Plants 4+2
Hydraulic Turbomachines 4+2
Dynamics and Vibrations 4
Metal Forming Processes by Plastic Deformation 4
Production/ Operations Management & Business Administration I 4+1
Sum total 28+7










ECTS sum total of 5th Semester = 28+7.
Find the analytical description of the courses here.


6th Semester

Courses Hours/ Week (ECTS)
Environmental Technology 3
Internal Combustion Engines 4+2
Modelling and Automatic Control of Systems 4+2
Thermal Turbomachines 4
Analysis of Mechanical Structures I 4
Material Removal Processes 4
Operational Research I 4
Sum total 27+4









ECTS sum total of 6th Semester = 27+4.
Find the analytical description of the courses here.