School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens

1. Course ECTS
    1st Year
    2nd Year
    3rd Year
    4th Year
    5th Year
        Energy Engineering
        Mechanical Design
        Industrial Engineering

2. Course Guide

5th Year

Energy Engineering Option

9th Semester

Equipment and Systems of Thermal Processing
Pollution Abatement Technology for Thermal Plants
Solar Energy
Gas and Steam Turbine Operation
Combustion/ Pollution of Internal Combustion Engines
Industrial Refrigeration Systems
Principles of Fire Engineering
Thermal Energy in Buildings
Multi-Phase Rows
Computer Methods in Turbomachines
Aeroelasticity and Aeroacoustics
Design of Innovative Mechanical Devices
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants
Radioactivity in the environment
Biofluid Mechanics and Biomedical Engineering














Six Elective courses must be selected.
The students could choose one course per semester form any option from the same semester, main or optional. Find the analytical description of the courses here.