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      Universities and Educational Institutes
          - Agricultural University of Athens
          - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
          - Athens School of Fine Arts
          - Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)
          - Demokrition University of Thrace (in greek)
          - Harokopion University
          - Hellenic Air Force
          - Hellenic Army Academy
          - Hellenic Open University (HOU)
          - Ionian University
          - National and Capodistrian University of Athens
          - National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
          - Panteion University (in greek)
          - Technical University of Crete
          - University of Central Greece
          - University of Crete (in greek)
          - University of Ioannina
          - University of Macedonia Economic and Social Sciences
          - University of Patras
          - University of Peloponnese
          - University of Piraeus
          - University of the Aegean
          - University of Thessaly
          - University of Western Macedonia

      Technological Educational Institutes (TEI)
          - ASPETE
          - Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations
          - TEI of Athens
          - ΤΕΙ of Chalkida (in greek)
          - ΤΕΙ of Crete
          - ΤΕΙ of Epirus
          - ΤΕΙ of Ionian Islands
          - ΤΕΙ of Kalamata
          - ΤΕΙ of Kavala (in greek)
          - ΤΕΙ of Lamia (in greek)
          - ΤΕΙ of Larissa
          - ΤΕΙ of Messolonghi
          - ΤΕΙ of Patras
          - ΤΕΙ of Piraeus
          - ΤΕΙ of Thessaloniki
          - ΤΕΙ of Serres
          - ΤΕΙ of Western Macedonia (in greek)

          - Academy of Athens
          - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
          - Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)
          - Institute for Neohellenic Research
          - Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMS)
          - Institutes and Foundations
          - National Documentation Centre (EKT)
          - National Hellenic Research Foundation
          - State Scholarships Foundation

      Centers of Scientific Research
          - Academy of Athens
          - Education Research Centre of Greece
          - National Centre of Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS"

          - Central Library of NTUA
          - Library Map
          - National Documentation Centre of Greece
          - National Library of Greece

          - Hellenic Ministry of Education Official Educational Portal
          - Research and Innovation

      National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC)

      Technical Chamber of Greece

      Other Information
          - Average Typical Traffic Conditions of Athens
          - Weather Forecast
          - Weather Report of N.T.U.A.

     School of Mechanical Engineering of N.T.U.A.


School of Mechanical Engineering of N.T.U.A.