School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens

Director: George Christopher Vosniakos, Professor


- Deformation Mechanics, Plasticity, Impact, Fracture.
- Manufacturing Processes (Metal forming, Metal removal processing, Casting, Powder metallurgy, Welding, Heat treatment, Dynamic deformation).
- Materials technology (Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites).
- Machine tools (Friction/ Lubrication).
- Surface integrity, Structural plasticity/ Energy absorbing devices/ Crashworthiness.
- Manufacturing systems (Automation, Simulation, FMS, Robotics, CAM/CIM, Expert systems, Artificial intelligence).
- Workshop Technology.
- Metrology.

  - Μanufacturing Technology Lab


D. Koulouriotis
G.-C. Vosniakos, PhD, University of Sussex, MSc, Cranfield University, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering NTUA.

Associate Professors
P. Benardos, PhD, Mechanical Engineer.
A. Markopoulos, PhD, Mechanical Engineer.

Professors Emeritus
D. Manolakos, PhD Eng. NTUA, Diploma in Naval Mechanical Engineer NTUA.

Teaching & Research Associates
P. Kostazos.

Technical Staff
Κ. Kerasiotis, G. Nezis.

Administrative Staff
Vasiliou Maria, Melissas Nikolaos, Micha Alexandra.