School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens

Director: Angelos Markopoulos, Associate Professor


- Deformation Mechanics, Plasticity, Impact, Fracture.
- Manufacturing Processes (Metal forming, Metal removal processing, Casting, Powder metallurgy, Welding, Heat treatment, Dynamic deformation).
- Materials technology (Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites).
- Machine tools (Friction/ Lubrication).
- Surface integrity, Structural plasticity/ Energy absorbing devices/ Crashworthiness.
- Manufacturing systems (Automation, Simulation, FMS, Robotics, CAM/CIM, Expert systems, Artificial intelligence).
- Workshop Technology.
- Metrology.

  - Μanufacturing Technology Lab


D. Manolakos, PhD Eng. NTUA, Diploma in Naval Mechanical Engineer NTUA.
G.-C. Vosniakos, PhD, University of Sussex, MSc, Cranfield University, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering NTUA.

Associate Professors
A. Markopoulos, PhD, Mechanical Engineer.

Assistant Professors
P. Benardos, PhD, Mechanical Engineer.

Teaching & Research Associates
P. Kostazos.

Technical Staff
Κ. Kerasiotis, G. Nezis.

Administrative Staff
Vasiliou Maria, Melissas Nikolaos, Micha Alexandra.