School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens


Dean: Ioannis Antoniadis

Associate Dean: Vasilis Spitas

Deanery: Dean, Associate Dean, Section Directors, Teaching & Research Associates representative.



Registrar: Stefania Petridi
tel. (+30) 210-772-1347.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Personal Computer Laboratory (PCLab)

Director: N. Petropoulos
Associate Director: S. Ponis
Members: tel. (+30) 210-772-3651, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Panayiotis Pavlou, Angelli Georgia, Vranakis Nikos, Telakis Stavros.


Maintenance Department


Network Administration

Section: Industrial Management & Operational Research
Subnet: 46
Administrator: Chatzistelios Georgios, tel. (+30) 210-772-3697

Section: Thermal Engineering
Subnet: 49
Administrator: Koronakis Irini, tel. (+30) 210-772-1581

Section: Mechanical Design & Automatic Control
Subnet: 41 (mdac)
Administrator: Davliakos Ioannis, tel. (+30) 210-772-2348
Subnet: 51
Administrator: Panayiotis Pavlou, tel. (+30) 210-772-3651

Section: Nuclear Engineering
Subnet: 43
Administrator: Petropoulos Nick, tel. (+30) 210-772-2939

Section: Fluids
Subnet: 42
Administrator: Prospathopoulos Ioannis, tel. (+30) 210-772-1101
Subnet: 55
Administrator: Romessis Christoforos, tel. (+30) 210-772-1465

Section: Manufacturing Technology
Subnet: 47
Contact: Benardos Panorios, tel. (+30) 210-772-1799

PC Lab: Personal Computer Laboratory
Subnets: 58, 59
Administrator: Panayiotis Pavlou, tel. (+30) 210-772-3651

Other subnets of the School of Mechanical Engineering
Subnets: 50, 52
Administrator: Alexopoulos Leonidas, tel. (+30) 210-772-1666

Other subnets
Subnet: 48
Administrator: Koronakis Irini, tel. (+30) 210-772-1581